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Product Profile – Bosch External Hydropower 16H

If you’re looking to replace a hot water unit, this one is a ripper!   We’ve installed so many of these recently for our real estate agents. The Bosch 16H delivers a 16 L/min flow rate and is available in Natural or LP Gas. It is suitable for 1-2 bathroom homes and conveniently provides continuous hot…

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4 things to make a property manager’s life easier

Schedule your properties for these 4 simple, proactive checks and you’ll be helping to protect your landlord’s investment, you’ll have happy tenants and more time to catch up on all that paperwork! Annual or bi-annual gutter and downpipe cleans = less likelihood of leaks back into buildings. We regularly see damaged and mouldy plaster, rotten…

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Carbon Monoxide – This Winter’s Deadly Killer!

A faulty gas heater can lead to far worse issues than feeling a little cold, it can kill you! It’s so important to be aware of the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Energy Safe recommends heaters are serviced at least every two years. Some of the signs you may have a faulty gas heater are:…

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