Test your Back Flow so it doesn’t flow back

Back Flow Prevention Valves | Geelong & surrounds | Tomlinson Plumbing
Back Flow Prevention Valves | Geelong & surrounds | Tomlinson Plumbing

What does Back Flow mean?

Back flow occurs when water flows opposite to its normal, or intended, direction.  Contamination can occur to our potable (drinking) water supply, which can pose a serious health risk.

A simple example of back flow can be explained with a hand-held shower.  They must have their hoses fastened so that the shower head cannot rest below the water level in a bath or basin. This prevents contaminants from the dirty bath/basin water being siphoned back up into the main potable water supply.

On a larger scale in commercial or industrial applications, back flow prevention valves, or devices, help protect the public’s safety by preventing potable water contamination from food processing plants, medical and dental facilities, hospitals, factories, funeral homes, panel shops, petrol stations, restaurants & cafes, just to name a few.  We definitely don’t want any of their ‘floaties’ in our drinking water!

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