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‘It was only serviced a year ago, but he didn’t take it apart like you have.’

I’m not doubting our client that someone attended their property a year ago, but this heater definitely wasn’t serviced properly – it looked like a family of huntsmen had taken up residence.

Unfortunately, it’s something we see quite a lot, and it leaves homeowners with a false sense of security, thinking that their heater has been serviced and safety checked, when in fact, it hasn’t. They’ve been ripped off and potentially left with an unsafe heater.

It’s important that your gas fitter takes the heater apart to clean and check the internal components. There’s a very strict set of guidelines to be followed for the heater servicing process before a carbon monoxide test can be conducted. It needs to be done properly so the homeowner can be assured of an accurate result and can confidently use their heater, knowing it is safe and functioning as efficiently as possible.

Only a gas fitter with the Type A Gas Appliance Servicing qualification can service and safety check your heater – make sure you ask to see the tick on the back of their licence.

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