Check your plumber’s licence and safeguard yourself

The following information will assist you in choosing an appropriately qualified plumber for the job you need done.

  • Ask to see the plumber’s licence and check the expiry date to ensure it is current
  • Check that the plumber is licensed in the type of plumbing work to be undertaken (shown on the back of the card)
  • For any plumbing work which requires a compliance certificate to be issued, ensure you receive that compliance certificate
  • Ask about the product manufacturer’s warranty conditions, as some appliance manufacturers require a licensed plumber to do the installation. If you do not use a licensed plumber, your product warranty and insurance may be jeopardised.

What work can a licenced plumber undertake?

Licensed plumbers may undertake work in any class of plumbing for which they are licensed, may supervise other plumbers (registered or licenced) or plumbing apprentices carrying that class of plumbing work. They may also issue compliance certificates for that class of work.

Plumbing work is defined by eight classes: Water Supply, Gasfitting, Sanitary, Roofing (Stormwater), Drainage, Mechanical Services, Fire Protection or Irrigation (Non-agricultural). A person must be registered or licensed with the Victorian Building Authority to legally undertake any work within these classes.

What work can a registered plumber undertake?

Registered plumbers may individually undertake work in any class of plumbing work for which they are registered. However, if the work requires a compliance certificate to be issued, they may only undertake that work under the supervision of a licensed plumber. They cannot issue a compliance certificate.

How can I check a plumber’s registration?

You can verify whether a plumber is licensed or registered by checking on the Plumbing Industry Commission website (e toolbox section) at the following link:


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