Filter your water with PureMix X6 !

PureMix X6 Water Filters | Tomlinson Plumbing | Geelong, Torquay, Anglesea, Barwon Heads & Ocean Grove

Transform your existing tap into a water filter tap with PureMix X6 from Puretec

The PureMix X6 installs under your existing kitchen bench and uses your current tap, transforming your normal water into great tasting, clean, safe and as pure as possible, filtered water!

Water passes through a four-stage filtration process with no bypass, filtering your water of sediment, lead, rust and dirt down to 0.5 microns, however, it won’t remove essential minerals and fluoride.

It can be installed either vertically or horizontally in your cupboard to maximise space and avoid clutter, and comes with a 10 Year Platinum Protection warranty.

The PureMix X6 is available from McCann’s Plumbing Supplies.  Give us a call on 5261 2422 for a free quotation for supply and installation, or head to the Puretec website for further information.

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