Operating the remote control on your Thermann Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water unit

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Please read the instructions in your manual carefully before using this appliance, or refer to the Thermann website for further details and instructions.

  1. Turn on the ON/OFF button.
  2. The temperature display will read 40°C.
  3. The priority indicator will illuminate.
  4. Select hot water temperature by pushing - or + button on the remote controller.
  5. Turn on the hot water tap or shower. The ``In Use´´ indicator will illuminate after a short delay. This indicator will remain illuminated until the hot water tap or shower is turned off.
  6. The hot water temperature can be altered at any time during the operation by pushing - or + button located on the remote controller.

*If no data is adjusted within a period of approximately 5 minutes, the display becomes dim. This is energy-saving mode and not a failure.

Priority Control (Change)

The temperature can only be controlled by the remote controller which has the priority indication. When the priority button is turned ON, that remote controller takes priority control over the temperature settings. While hot water is being supplied, other remote controllers cannot be turned off. Whilst hot water outlets are open, transfer of ``priority´´ to other remote controllers is not possible. This is safety feature.

Warning: Do not turn off the remote controller or change the water temperature while someone is bathing or washing. That may result in scalds or burns.



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