Why is my heater constantly starting and stopping?

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There are a few reasons why your heater may be constantly starting and stopping.

Firstly, how often is constant?  Most models of heaters have thermostats, so when the heater reaches the set temperature on the thermostat, it switches itself off because the room has reached that desired temperature. Perhaps, if it’s a really cold day and you have the thermostat set too low and the room is getting cold again quickly, this could be the reason your heater keeps starting up again.  It’s trying to keep you warm!

But, unfortunately, this is not the case in most situations.

A gas heater constantly starting and stopping usually indicates an issue with either the fan or the thermostat.  If the fan’s not operating correctly, the heater will only work for a short while and then switch itself off to prevent going into over-temperature and causing damage to the unit.  Similarly, if there are any issues with the thermostat not operating at optimum levels, the heater can go into shut down.

Remember, don’t mess with gas.  You need a licensed Gas Fitter to do any repairs, servicing or installations.

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