Is your hot water system on its last legs?

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It's never a good time to run out of hot water!

There are usually a few signs leading up to the final death of your hot water system.  Look out for these issues and have them checked out immediately so you're not left having a cold shower.

Continual issues with your thermostat

Sometimes the thermostat needs to be changed on your hot water system as part of standard maintenance, but if you need to do it more regularly, or you notice that the water is not getting to your desired temperature, then this could indicate the hot water system is nearing its end.

Heating element problems

No water coming out of the tap?  This could indicate a broken heating element on your hot water system.

Banging and clanging

Strange noises coming from your hot water system are never a good sign - so brace yourself, your hot water system is more than likely about to give up.

Strange coloured water

A Geelong Hot Water Plumber will be able to determine if the discoloured water is caused by your hot water system or some other type of problem, such as rusty pipes or sewer problems.

Even though hot water systems can't run forever, issues can be prevented (or sometimes nursed along) by scheduling a hot water maintenance check with a local Geelong Hot Water Plumber.

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