Handy hot water savings tips

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Tips to save water and money with your gas hot water heater

  1. It’s sounds so obvious, but make sure you choose the right sized hot water system for your hot water needs.  There’s no point in choosing something with a smaller capacity than what you need, because you’ll either run out of hot water, or your system will have to work over-time and end up costing you more in the long run.  Likewise, there's no point up-sizing unnecessarily. Your plumber or gas fitter will be able to help you choose the right sized system.
  2. If your budget allows, try and buy a gas hot water system with at least a 5 star rating.  Every extra star will save you in operating costs.
  3. Have the system installed as close as possible to your hot water outlets.  You’ll waste less water waiting for the hot stuff to get to you.
  4. Gas hot water heater burners should be cleaned and tested to make sure that fuel is being burned efficiently, so just like your car, make sure you have your hot water system serviced periodically.  That way, you’ll know it’s operating at its peak.
  5. .….and as annoying as it sounds, keep your showering time to under 4 minutes to save water and help your hip pocket.

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