Preventing deadly legionella

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Preventing Legionella | Hot Water Systems | Tomlinson Plumbing | Geelong | Torquay

Nine News reported this week on a study that found 75% of homes in Adelaide had the potentially deadly legionella bacteria present in their bathrooms.
Australian Standards require hot water to be stored at a minimum of 60°C so as to inhibit the growth of legionella bacteria.
A Queensland woman a few years back contracted Legionnaires’ disease after her 
solar hot water system circulating pump failed. The woman was unaware of the 
pump failure and the system did not automatically switch over to any other booster to heat the water to the temperature required to kill any legionella bacteria – and she was left fighting for her life. Unfortunately, there are many more examples like this one.
The importance of having appropriately installed and maintained hot water systems cannot be stressed enough.

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