How often should I service my hot water unit?

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There are many different types of hot water units in households and commercial and industrial premises, so how often they need servicing depends on the type of unit and how they are used.

However, as a general guide, the following applies:

  • Domestic hot water units – once every 2 years
  • Commercial hot water units – once every 12 months
  • Industrial hot water units – once every 12 months.

A service by a licenced plumber and gas fitter should involve:

  • A burner pressure check
  • A gas pressure check
  • Checking for signs of corrosion/leaks on the cylinder and heat jacket
  • Checking that the valves are operating correctly
  • A general soundness check
  • Cleaning of the unit

By having your hot water unit regularly serviced, you’ll ensure that your unit is running at optimum efficiency – which means less energy bills for you!

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