4 quick tips that can save you $$ every year on your water heating costs

  1. Release the pressure temperature relief (PTR) valve on the side of the hot water unit for 10-15 seconds every 3 – 6 months . This checks the operation of the valve and flushes out any impurities under the seat of the valve. It can be normal for the PTR valve to drip on the heat up cycle of some units. Parts operating properly ensure the unit is working efficiently and not chewing up extra energy costs.
  2. Check the temperature dial to ensure it is set according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Higher than recommended settings can cost you unnecessary dollars in heating costs.
  3. Check around the flue of gas units for any sign of black marks, which indicates the unit is not operating correctly.
  4. Check for any signs of leaks around the unit. Leaks = excess water bills. Even a small leak can cost big dollars over a few months.



This is an article from our Hot Water Systems series