Vulcan Heritage or Pyrox Heritage Gas Heaters – message from Energy Safe Victoria

Program in place to address CO risk in Heritage gas heaters

Energy Safe Victoria is urging Victorians with either a Vulcan Heritage or a Pyrox Heritage gas heater in their home not to use them until they are tested by a qualified gasfitter.

Victoria’s Director of Energy Safety, Paul Fearon, said both the Pyrox and Vulcan brands of the Heritage heater produce high levels of carbon monoxide under certain conditions.

“If the house is well sealed and the heater is operating at the same time as a kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan, carbon monoxide from the heater can be drawn into living areas,” he said.

“The manufacturer Climate Technologies has a program in place to test every household with one of these heaters.”

Anyone with a Pyrox or a Vulcan heritage gas heater should call Climate Technologies on (03) 8795 2462

For people living in DHHS housing, please call 1800 148 426.

Open flue heaters, like the Vulcan Heritage or Pyrox Heritage space heater, are old technology and not necessarily compatible with many new or renovated homes with less ventilation.

As a result, and in addition to the testing and replacement program now in place, all Vulcan Heritage or Pyrox Heritage space heaters have been withdrawn from sale and their manufacturer has ceased production.

“This is a timely reminder that everyone should have indoor gas appliances, especially heaters, checked by a qualified gasfitter every two years,” Mr Fearon said.