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Worried about the environmental impact?

You really can't beat the warmth from a real wood fire, there's nothing like it.

But are you worried about the affect on the environment?

The Australian Home Heating Association advises that in 2015, the Standards for emissions were reduced from 4.0g/kg to 2.5g/kg. Then in 2019 they were reduced further to 1.5g/kg. The Australian Standard is one of the strictest emissions standards in the world.

Further from the AHHA : "According to a report published by Elsevier, completed by the CSIRO and Scion Australia, the use of firewood for domestic heating has the potential to reduce fossil-fuel use and associated CO2 emissions. The report suggests that the level of possible reductions depends upon the extent to which firewood off-sets the use of fossil fuels. This relates to the efficiency with which wood is burnt, and use of fossil fuels for collection and transport of firewood.

To get the most out of your wood heater and reduce emissions, the AHHA recommends only using hardwood in your wood heater."

You can find tips for fuelling your wood heater efficiently here.

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