Contemplating a wood heater? Concerned about greenhouse emissions?

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The Australian Home Heating Association (AHHA) advises that, contrary to what many people believe, wood heating provides the cheapest form of domestic heating and also delivers the smallest greenhouse footprint.

Some interesting points from the AHHA website are:

  • Scientific studies by highly respected organisations conclude that correctly used modern wood heaters used according to instructions are cheap and the lowest greenhouse emitters when compared to other methods of home heating
  • If the existing domestic heating needs now supplied by firewood were met from other sources (gas and electricity) there would be a net increase of about 5 million tonnes of CO2 emitted each year in Australia.
  • This extra CO2 release would be significant given Australia’s awkward position because of it’s already high per capita CO2 emissions and it’s desire to be given special consideration in meeting Greenhouse gas emission targets.
  • The potential exists for actually reducing Australia’s emissions of CO2 through establishment of fuelwood plantations. If these were established over a period of, say, 10 years, throughout this establishment period there would be a gross capture of carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Once in equilibrium with firewood demand, the gross benefit would cease, but net emissions from this energy source would be zero.

Interesting indeed.

For further information, head to the AHHA website by clicking here.