Specialised Plumbing Services

Hot Water

Installation, repair and service of all types of hot water units.

  • Mains pressure storage systems
  • Low pressure or gravity fed
  • Instantaneous or continuous flow systems
  • Solar systems, and
  • Heat pump electric systems.

Leak Detection & Location

Acoustic leak detection and location equipment for burst pipes in walls or underground.

Back Flow Prevention Valves

We are licensed to provide advice on, assess, install, test, and maintain back flow prevention valves which are mandatory at many types of industrial and commercial facilities and need to be tested annually.

Gas Heating

Installation, repair, service and carbon monoxide testing of all types of gas heaters.

  • Gas central/ducted heaters
  • Gas log fires
  • Gas wall furnaces
  • Gas space heaters.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)

Installation, repair, service & testing of thermostatic mixing valves.