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Why choose us?

Why choose Tomlinson Plumbing?

We know our stuff, it’s that simple.  Arrogance? No. It’s just purely and simply a case of experience and continuing education on our part.

We’re maintenance plumbers, which means we’re problem solvers, so we need to know about a vast range of products and issues.  Experience certainly helps, but a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to keep up to date is essential if we want to be able to nut things out for our clients.

Over the years we’ve built up an inventory of industry contacts and we’re Master Plumbers (Michael was actually appointed to the Board of Directors of the Master Plumbers in March 2018), which means we’re a part of an association that holds high its Code of Ethics and takes seriously the development and training of its members. It’s important, and the roll-on effect protects the consumer and ensures they’re getting the very best service and expertise we can offer.

But aren’t all plumbers the same? Nope. You only have to check the back of a plumber’s licence to see that.

A good plumber might know how to do the basics, a great plumber builds and builds AND BUILDS on the basics, with further technical training, education classes, keeping up to date with current products, investing in quality tools and equipment, and by ensuring they’re abreast of changing rules and regulations.

Ask to take a look at the back of our plumber’s licence and you’ll see what we mean.  There are a lot of ticks.  We love it.  We know our stuff, it’s that simple.

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