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Energy efficient wood heater flues: We recently installed an insulated room seal flue kit onto our wood heater at home. Have a listen to our chat with Greg from Pivot Stove & Heating about the benefits of their energy efficient flue kit. We’re super happy with its performance.  

Wood Heater & Flue Installations | Tomlinson Plumbing | Geelong | Torquay | Ocean Grove

Worried about the environmental impact? You really can’t beat the warmth from a real wood fire, there’s nothing like it. But are you worried about the affect on the environment? The Australian Home Heating Association advises that in 2015, the Standards for emissions were reduced from 4.0g/kg to 2.5g/kg. Then in 2019 they were reduced … Read more

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Lights, Camera, Action! Great morning spent with Greg & Ashley from Pivot Stove & Heating talking all things insulated room seal flue kits for wood heaters – and why they’re definitely the way to go. Stay tuned for Pivot’s video coming soon – and if you’re interested in a wood heater, we can run through … Read more

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It’s best to be sure Do you have issues with your wood heater’s performance? Not sure if your wood heater & flue installation meets compliance standards? Does your wood heater need parts repaired or replaced? So often we see non-compliant wood heater & flue installations, which not only void any warranties and insurance, but can … Read more