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Burst pipes & Leak Detection Geelong Series

Gas leak detection – found it!

Gas Leak Detection | Geelong | Torquay | Tomlinson Plumbing

A huge amount of bubbles means a huge amount of gas escaping from this regulator. No wonder our clients were churning through gas three times their normal rate! #gasleaksgeelong #gasleakstorquay #leakdetectiongeelong #leakdetectiontorquay #gasleakdetectiongeelong #gasleakdetectiontorquay #soapytest

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Burst pipes – act quickly!

Burst pipes | Leak Detection | Geelong | Torquay | Ocean Grove | Barwon Heads | Tomlinson Plumbing

You can very quickly lose substantial amounts of water from a non-visible burst pipe. Be sure to be on the look out for any signs of damp ground, patches of greener than normal grass, wet plaster or mould – and act quickly! Tomlinson Plumbing has acoustic listening devices and thermal imaging cameras to locate and…

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Using acoustic leak detection equipment to locate burst pipes

Found it! Our acoustic leak detection equipment accurately located this burst water pipe in Ocean Grove recently. So how does acoustic leak detection work? The vibrations made by water leaks are transmitted through the water pipes and to the surface of the ground, which we can then pick up with the listening device on our…

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Gas Leaks Geelong

Can you smell gas?  You probably have a gas leak. If you can smell gas at your cook top, around your gas hot water system,  or out at your gas meter, the chances are, you almost certainly have a gas leak. Never take a risk with gas and don’t waste any time getting on the…

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