Flood risk – Burst flexible connections under your sink

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A friend of ours recently came home to the majority of the floors in her house saturated in water- thanks to a burst hose / flexible connection under her bathroom vanity.  She now has a great mess to clean up and needs to vacate the property while flooring is sorted.

She joins quite a long list of people recently in the same boat (pardon the pun). Some were lucky enough to be home at the time and just had a couple of buckets worth of water to mop up, to the other end of the scale where one person had been away overnight and opened the door to a new half a metre deep swimming pool. Capillary action had also sucked water up the full length drapes in the living areas and the same process with doonas and blankets hanging off unmade kids' beds saw water saturate mattresses. Not to mention the majority of the furniture being ruined.

Flexible hoses/connections are used under sinks in bathrooms & kitchens, and for toilets, and while being a great alternative to copper pipe when there is restricted space for installations, they should be inspected every 1 - 2 years to check their condition, and be replaced about every 5 years - to avoid a very inconvenient new water feature appearing at your place.

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