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We often get asked – ‘Do I need to leave a layer of ash in my wood heater?’ A bed of ash can actually be quite beneficial. It can take a while for the firebox to heat up from a cold start, so a bed of ash can help to get the fire going more … Read more

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A fire waiting to happen To the untrained eye, this flue might just look like it has been well used, with a few black marks from years of use. But this flue was a disaster waiting to happen. The installation of the active section of the flue had not been riveted together.  When the flue … Read more

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Energy efficient wood heater flues: We recently installed an insulated room seal flue kit onto our wood heater at home. Have a listen to our chat with Greg from Pivot Stove & Heating about the benefits of their energy efficient flue kit. We’re super happy with its performance.  

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Worried about the environmental impact? You really can’t beat the warmth from a real wood fire, there’s nothing like it. But are you worried about the affect on the environment? The Australian Home Heating Association advises that in 2015, the Standards for emissions were reduced from 4.0g/kg to 2.5g/kg. Then in 2019 they were reduced … Read more