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    Energy Safe Victoria recommend that all types of gas heaters be serviced and safety checked for carbon monoxide at least every two years, so that’s: ~ gas log fires ~gas wall furnaces ~gas ducted heaters ~gas space heaters ~gas energy saver heaters This needs to be done by a plumber licensed in Type … Read more

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We’ve written before about the importance of seeing your heater in pieces when you have it serviced and safety checked, whether that’s a gas log fire, a space heater, wall furnace, or ducted heater in your ceiling. Your gas fitter should strip the heater down, so the various components can be cleaned, inspected and tested. … Read more

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Tomlinson Plumbing can assist with the installation, service and repair of gas log fires in Geelong, Torquay, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads and surrounding areas. There are so many gas log fires to choose from. From free-standing models, to sleek pebble options, or a more traditional in-built look with realistic logs, there’ll surely be one that … Read more

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Regularly vacuum those return air vents people! Your heater will thank you – it won’t have to struggle & strain to operate! #gasheaterservicestorquay#gasheaterservicesgeelong#gasheaterservicesoceangrove#gasductedheaterservicestorquay#gasductedheaterservicesoceangrove#gasductedheaterservicesgeelong

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Heaters are expensive appliances to replace. Regular servicing (at least every two years) ensures they are kept in the best shape possible for optimal performance, reduced energy consumption and overall longevity. Regular servicing allows for proactive maintenance of your gas heater. Potential issues can be detected as early as possible, helping to reduce more expensive … Read more