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Geelong Blocked Drains – Sewer & Storm water drain cleaning

Geelong Blocked Drains | Sewer & Storm water jet cleaning | Tomlinson Plumbing

Tree root invasion! Yesterday we cleared the storm water and sewer drains at Mr. F’s from Herne Hill. What a mess!  The second photo, particularly, shows an enormous tree root invasion.  Unfortunately this is a very common problem.  All it takes is a hairline crack in the drain for the tree roots to get in,…

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Block your sewer with ‘flushable’ wipes!

Blocked Drains – Geelong, Torquay, Anglesea, Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove & surrounding areas Check out this video from Choice, which further demonstrates just how flushable ‘flushable’ wipes are (NOT!). If you remember that it’s only the three P’s that should be going down the loo, then you’ll generally have no problems.  So it’s pee, poo…

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Sanitation brings dignity, equality and safety

World Toilet Day A day set aside for toilets?  Why not – particularly when it helps to highlight the lack of sanitation in some parts of the world, and the link that it has to girls not being able to continue their education, along with the more obvious issues, such as illness and disease. It…

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Blocked Sewers & Flushable Wipes – Geelong

Flushable wipes are causing sewer blockages Media Release from Barwon Water. The message is don’t flush ‘flushable’ wipes! They’re causing sewer blockages. Remember, only the three P’s go down the toilet…..poo, pee & paper!       This is an article from our Blocked Drain Series      

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