Block your sewer with ‘flushable’ wipes!

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Blocked Drains | Geelong | Tomlinson Plumbing

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Check out this video from Choice, which further demonstrates just how flushable ‘flushable’ wipes are (NOT!).

If you remember that it’s only the three P’s that should be going down the loo, then you’ll generally have no problems.  So it’s pee, poo & paper!  Although, sometimes with the newer style toilets, 3-ply toilet paper can cause blockages, and if you’ve got breaks in your sewer drain, then it can get snagged.

However, it’s usually wipes and sanitary items that we’re pulling up from the depths of the drain (and the occasional toy car, sock, false teeth etc), so repeat after me….”only the 3 P’s” 🙂


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