Green Plumbers

Environmental Plumbing Solutions - Geelong, Torquay, The Surf Coast, Melbourne

Our team is made up of fully accredited green plumbers who can assist you with environmental plumbing solutions that reduce the greenhouse gas emission impact of your household services. Plus, you’ll save money in the process!

Our solutions include:

Climate care

We can advise you on energy efficient, greenhouse gas conscious and cost effective hot water, home heating and cooling appliances.

Solar hot water

We can help you select the right solar heated water system for your home, which will reduce your energy costs dramatically. (Please also see our Hot Water Units – Gas and Solar section.)

Caring for our water

We can assess your household water consumption, recommend products and methods to help save water and install rainwater tanks and efficient appliances, in turn helping to care for our waterways.

Water efficiency technology

We can also develop efficiency technology measures, such as grey water and reclaimed water systems, for irrigation and re-use.


So, if you want to ‘go green’ and do your bit for the environment, we have the necessary qualifications, experience and expertise to help you.

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