Back Flow Prevention Valves

Why are they so important?

In short, back flow valves stop hazardous pollutants from being sucked back into our drinking water supply.

Imagine turning on the tap to get a drink, only to find some medical waste in your glass.  What about some cleaning chemicals from the local carwash, or dyes from the corner hair salon.

At Tomlinson Plumbing, we are licensed to provide advice on, assess, install, test, and maintain back flow prevention valves.

Many commercial and industrial properties are required by Barwon Water to have back flow prevention devices installed, which makes sure our water is safe for drinking, bathing and processing food.

Back flow occurs when water flows opposite to its normal or intended direction.

Installing a back flow prevention device/valve, ensures that water from a property cannot be drawn back into the main drinking supply, preventing potential pollutants from causing contamination.

Valves need to be tested and serviced every 12 months.

It is more than likely a legal requirement for you to have a back flow prevention device installed if you have any of the following businesses:

·      Abbatoir ·      Medical surgery
·      Car yard ·      Mortuary
·      Car / plant washing facility ·      Nursing home
·      Caravan park ·      Panel shop
·      Dental surgery ·      Pathology laboratory
·      Dry cleaner ·      Petrol station
·      Factory ·      Premise with chemicals
·      Food & beverage processing plant ·      Premise with grey water re-use system
·      Hairdressing salon ·      Premise with rain water tanks
·      Funeral home ·      Public swimming pool
·      Hospital ·      Restaurant / Café
·      Hotel ·      Sanitary depot
·      Marina ·      School / University / Day Care