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The pump that is connected to your rain water tank for household use, has a ‘dual check valve’.  This valve is a built-in backflow prevention device that protects our mains water supply from any contaminants. It ensures there is no ‘backflowing’ of things like washing machine water, sewerage, car cleaning detergents, pesticides, fertilisers, and other … Read more

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Protecting our water supply Nobody wants to unknowingly sip on cleaning chemicals from the local carwash or dyes from the corner hair salon when we reach for a glass of water. What about running a bath for the kids – fancy something from a petrol station or dry cleaners mixed in amongst the bubbles? We’re … Read more

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Geelong Back Flow Valves Installation & Testing | Tomlinson Plumbing What’s in that glass of water that you’re drinking? Back Flow Prevention Valves play a vitally important role in stopping contaminated water from reaching the main drinking supply, and it’s actually a legal requirement for certain facilities to have them installed. Back flow occurs when water flows opposite … Read more