Avoiding nasty ‘floaties’ in our drinking water

Geelong Back Flow Valves Installation & Testing | Tomlinson Plumbing
Geelong Back Flow Valves Installation & Testing | Tomlinson Plumbing

What's in that glass of water that you're drinking?

Back Flow Prevention Valves play a vitally important role in stopping contaminated water from reaching the main drinking supply, and it's actually a legal requirement for certain facilities to have them installed.

Back flow occurs when water flows opposite to its normal, or intended, direction.  Contamination can occur to our water supply, which can pose a serious health risk to the community.

In commercial or industrial applications, back flow prevention valves, or devices, help protect the public’s safety by preventing potable water contamination from food processing plants, medical and dental facilities, hospitals, factories, funeral homes, panel shops, petrol stations, restaurants & cafes, just to name a few.  We definitely don’t want any of their ‘floaties’ in our drinking water!

Back Flow Prevention Valves need to be tested every twelve months. It's not just a maintenance recommendation, it's a requirement of the relevant Water Authority, ie. Barwon Water, Central Highlands Water, City West Water, Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water.

Tomlinson Plumbing can assist you with the installation, maintenance and annual testing & tagging of your back flow prevention device.

Annual testing of your back flow valve ensures that when you turn on your tap, you know your water is as clean as it can possibly be.

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