Pumps and protecting our mains water supply

The pump that is connected to your rain water tank for household use, has a ‘dual check valve’. 

This valve is a built-in backflow prevention device that protects our mains water supply from any contaminants.

It ensures there is no ‘backflowing’ of things like washing machine water, sewerage, car cleaning detergents, pesticides, fertilisers, and other things from around the house and garden (depending on what you use your tank water for), from siphoning back into our drinking water.

Nobody wants to sip on nasties when they pour themselves a glass of water.

It’s important that you have your pumps serviced to the manufacturer’s guidelines, which will not only ensure that the pump continues to operate as efficiently as possible, but also to ensure that the dual check valves are in good condition and doing what they’re supposed to be doing – protecting our drinking water.

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