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Check out this short video that explains the features of Rheem’s Ambiheat heat pump, and how heat pumps operate and differ from other types of hot water systems. The Rheem Ambiheat is suited to our cooler climate in Victoria, making it an ideal choice for Geelong, Torquay, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads & surrounding areas. Give … Read more

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The Ambiheat HDc-270 Heat Pump is the new generation 270L capacity heat pump which is a smart, energy efficient alternative for areas where a traditional solar water heater may not be suitable. It uses the heat from the surrounding air, and doesn’t rely on direct sunlight to heat your water. It provides a reliable, efficient … Read more

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Tomlinson Plumbing can assist with hot water solutions for your individual situation – whether that be gas, electric, heat pump, solar, storage or continuous flow. We keep up to date with manufacturer training, so we’re highly experienced with the latest products & technology across all the brands, enabling us to recommend a unit that will … Read more

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It’s turning into a Rheem kind of week! The bigger sibling to the Rheem Stellar 330 that we installed yesterday, is the Rheem Stellar 360 gas storage hot water unit. It has a high 200 litre per hour hot water recovery, providing a massive 360 litre first hour capacity — so it’ll meet the needs … Read more

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💧Rheem Stellar 330 Gas Hot Water Unit💧 A favourite among families, the Rheem Stellar is a premium 5 Star energy efficient water heater. It’s made in Australia, comes with a 10 year warranty on the cylinder and has fast hot water recovery. #gashotwatertorquay #gashotwatergeelong #gashotwateroceangrove #gashotwaterbarwonheads #hotwatergeelong #hotwatertorquay #hotwatreoceangrove #hotwaterbarwonheads