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  For safety reasons, it’s so important to make sure that your hot water unit is set to the correct temperature. A child can be severely scalded in as little as a second, when the water temperature is around 65°C, a temperature not uncommon in some Australian homes with older storage hot water units. The … Read more

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Every dollar counts, particularly at the moment.  The following tips are quick and easy things to check. Monitoring and maintenance are the keys to keeping your hot water systems operating at their best. Hot Water Tip 1: If you have a storage tank style hot water unit, release the pressure temperature relief (PTR) valve on … Read more

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Tomlinson Plumbing can assist with hot water solutions for your individual situation – whether that be gas, electric, heat pump, solar, storage or continuous flow. We keep up to date with manufacturer training, so we’re highly experienced with the latest products & technology across all the brands, enabling us to recommend a unit that will … Read more

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Repair and maintenance on a Billi Quadra boiling & chilled water unit today at a retirement village. Happy residents again, now that they can have their tea, coffee & icy cold H2O! #billi #billigeelong #billitorquay #billioceangrove #billihotwaterunitsgeelong #billihotwaterunitstorquay #billihotwaterunitsoceangrove @billiwater

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Save energy & money by doing this simple thing: Insulation for a hot water system is such a simple thing, but it results in massive benefits. It is actually a requirement for insulation to be added when a new hot water unit is installed, but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen. It is a cost-effective and … Read more