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5 Star efficiency – Rheem Stellar

Rheem Stellar Hot Water | Tomlinson Plumbing | Torquay | Geelong | Ocean Grove | Barwon Heads

💧Rheem Stellar 330 Gas Hot Water Unit💧 A favourite among families, the Rheem Stellar is a premium 5 Star energy efficient water heater. It’s made in Australia, comes with a 10 year warranty on the cylinder and has fast hot water recovery. #gashotwatertorquay #gashotwatergeelong #gashotwateroceangrove #gashotwaterbarwonheads #hotwatergeelong #hotwatertorquay #hotwatreoceangrove #hotwaterbarwonheads

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Why not install a Rheem?

Rheem Stellar Hot Water | Geelong | Torquay | Tomlinson Plumbing

It’s a stellar of a hot water unit! The Rheem Stellar® 360 Gas Hot Water Heater is a 5 star storage hot water unit, with huge recovery capability, so it’ll meet the demands of a large family. It features mains pressure delivery, which means you can run multiple showers at once, making it the ideal…

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Rheem Stellar Hot Water System Change Over

Rheem Stellar 360 Gas Storage Hot Water System | Geelong | Torquay | Tomlinson Plumbing Hot Water System Replacement How’s this for a ‘quick’ hot water service change over?!  Look at me go! 🙂 Out with the old Rheem Stellar and in with a new Rheem Stellar 360 storage gas hot water system. (cue singing voice)…. Install a Rheem, install a Rheem, install a Rheem! Tomlinson Plumbing has the experience…

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Rinnai Infinity 26 Enviro – Product Profile

Rinnai Infinity 26 Enviro | Rinnai Hot Water Geelong | Tomlinson Plumbing

Rinnai Infinity 26 Enviro | Rinnai Hot Water Geelong | Tomlinson Plumbing Rinnai Hot Water Geelong The Rinnai INFINITY 26 Enviro, is the most energy efficient 26 litre continuous flow hot water system on the Australian market. It uses considerably less gas than a standard system to produce the same amount of hot water. Australia’s first…

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Rinnai Deluxe Bathroom Controller

Rinnai Hot Water Systems | Geelong | Tomlinson Plumbing

Rinnai Hot Water Systems | Geelong | Tomlinson Plumbing Enjoy the perfect temperature every time. Available with the Rinnai Infinity range of hot water systems, the Deluxe Bathroom Controller gives you precise control of your water temperature. It’s also great for making sure your hot water system is running at its best and water wastage…

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