You found what down my drain?

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Drain Camera Geelong | Blocked Drains Geelong | Tomlinson Plumbing

What’s blocking my drains?

We clear all sorts of things from blocked drains.  It’s amazing what we sometimes come across.

We’ve cleared toys, cutlery, small plastic containers, old tools and kids shoes.  But the worst is sanitary items. It’s really not very enjoyable to have tampons fling up at you when they’re retrieved from the drain. Please do not flush sanitary items down the toilet!

Most commonly, if your drain has a crack or break, tree roots can invade the pipe and debris can become trapped, build up and create a blockage.  Our high pressure jet drain cleaners can clear most blockages and we also have mechanical sewer machines to cut away tree roots and get the drain flowing freely again.  Our CCTV drain camera can then inspect the drain and locate the issue for repair or replacement.

So, if you’re having issues with blocked drains in Geelong and the surrounding areas, give us a call on 5261 2422, and we can get it sorted for you.



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