Energy Safe Victoria issue safety alert for 4 types of open flue gas heaters

Gas – Open flued gas heaters

Do you have one of the following gas fire logs:

  • Regency i31supplied by Fireplace Products Australia Pty Ltd
  • Regency F38and FG38 supplied by Fireplace Products Australia Pty Ltd – branded and supplied by Masport prior to 2006 (excludes LP model)
  • Nectre 2000 (manufactured from 2007) supplied by Glen Dimplex Australia Pty Ltd, or a
  • Real FlamePyrotech (manufactured from 2012) also supplied by Glen Dimplex Australia Pty Ltd?

People with these gas log fires in their homes need to contact the supplier and get them checked by a qualified gasfitter immediately. Laboratory tests show that under certain circumstances these heaters produce too much carbon monoxide.

If your heater is affected it will need modification to prevent the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.

What do I do?

If you have the Regency gas log fire model I31 or F38/FG38 (previously branded and supplied by Masport prior to 2006), contact the supplier Fireplace Products Australia (FPA) at:

The F38/FG38 excludes LP models.

If you have one a Real Flame Pyrotech (manufactured from 2012) or a Nectre 2000(manufactured from 2007) gas log fire, contact the supplier Glen Dimplex Australia at:

If you have one of these heaters do not use it until it can be tested by aa qualified gasfitter. If  heating is required, please use other sources. DO NOT bring outdoor gas appliances inside.

What happens next?

The supplier will organise a qualified gasfitter to carry out a safety check on your heater and will meet the costs of the modification, if it is required. There may be some costs to you if poor maintenance or other issues unrelated to the modification are present.

If the heater is spilling dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide or other exhaust gases, it may have to be cut off until it can be repaired or replaced.