Hot Water Safety – thermostatic mixing valves

Providing water at a safe temperature

This video by Caroma is an excellent explanation of how a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) works to keep us safe from scalding.

The thermostatic mixing valve essentially blends hot and cold water, so that a safe, constant temperature of water is delivered to the user.

Required by hospitals, aged care facilities, child care centres and schools, they're very clever and important pieces of engineering.

TMVs need to be inspected and tested annually.  This can only be done by a plumber that is licensed in the specialised class of TMV Testing.

Give us a call today – we have the right tick on the back of our licence.

Tomlinson Plumbing is licensed to install, commission and maintain thermostatic mixing valves. It’s a specialised area of plumbing that requires additional training and qualifications.