Whirly Bird Roof Ventilators

Whirly bird roof ventilators - Tomlinson Plumbing - Geelong, Torquay & surroundsWhirly Bird installation – Geelong, Torquay, Anglesea, Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove and surrounds

Roof ventilators, or whirly birds, as most people refer to them as,  remove moisture filled air , or very hot air, from your roof space, replacing it with fresh air from outside.

Whirly birds can help to  prevent dampness, condensation, mildew and mould  in your roof space during the cooler months, which can sometimes cause damage to ceilings and roof timbers.    If insulation in your ceiling becomes damp or wet, it is less efficient, and your heater will have to work overtime to compensate.

Whirly Birds are great for the hotter months too.  They exhaust very hot air that becomes trapped in the roof space, preventing heat radiating into rooms and helping to lower inside temperatures.  Air conditioners and ceiling fans won’t have to work quite so hard either.

A well ventilated roof space can really benefit your home in both the cooler and warmer months.

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