Selecting the right firewood for your wood heater

Tomlinson Plumbing | Wood heater installation & repairs | Geelong, Surf Coast & BellarineTips for selecting the right wood to make the most of your wood heater or fire

We found some great tips and guidelines for selecting wood for your wood heater or fire on the EPA Victoria website.

“The key to creating a bright, hot fire is good fuel. Wet (unseasoned) firewood smokes more than dry wood because the water in the wood must be evaporated off before the wood will burn. This lowers the temperature of the fire, causing less complete combustion and excessive smoke.

Burning dry (seasoned) firewood will give you a hot fire, leading to more complete combustion and less smoke.”

Click here to go to the EPA’s website for the complete article.  There are also other articles on air pollution, what not to burn & considering your neighbours – so lots of handy information from the EPA!

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