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Back-siphonage is a plumbing phenomenon that occurs when there is a sudden drop in water pressure within a water supply system. This decrease in pressure can create a vacuum or negative pressure, causing contaminated water from an external source to be drawn back into the potable water supply. This contaminated water could come from various sources, such as a garden hose immersed in a swimming pool, a bucket of chemicals, or even from a toilet bowl, depending on the plumbing configuration.

Back-siphonage can be a health hazard because it allows non-potable (unsafe) water to mix with the potable (safe) water supply, potentially leading to waterborne illnesses or other health issues if the contaminants are harmful.

To prevent back-siphonage and maintain the integrity of the water supply, backflow prevention valves are used. Backflow prevention valves are specialized devices installed in plumbing systems to stop the reverse flow of water. They work by allowing water to flow in one direction but prevent it from flowing back in the opposite direction.

Backflow valves need to be tested annually by an appropriately licensed plumber.  Call Tomlinson Plumbing on 5261 2422 - we can assist.


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