Backflow Prevention Valve Testing | Geelong | Torquay | Ocean Grove

There are different types of backflow prevention valves to protect our water supply, such as: Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers (AVB): These are simple devices that rely on atmospheric pressure to prevent back-siphonage. They are often used in low-risk situations, such as garden hoses or irrigation systems. Pressure Vacuum Breakers (PVB): These valves are more complex than … Read more

Backflow prevention testing | Geelong | Torquay | Ocean Grove | Tomlinson Plumbing

Back-siphonage is a plumbing phenomenon that occurs when there is a sudden drop in water pressure within a water supply system. This decrease in pressure can create a vacuum or negative pressure, causing contaminated water from an external source to be drawn back into the potable water supply. This contaminated water could come from various … Read more

Backflow Prevention Valve Testing | Geelong | Torquay | Ocean Grove | Tomlinson Plumbing

August 16 is National Backflow Prevention Day!! Backflow prevention devices are designed to prevent the reverse flow of water, which can contaminate the main water supply with potentially harmful substances. There are many types of businesses and industries that require these devices to comply with regulations and maintain the integrity of their water supply – … Read more

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Many commercial and industrial properties are required by Barwon Water to have back flow prevention devices installed, which makes sure our water is safe for drinking, bathing and processing food. Back flow occurs when water flows opposite to its normal or intended direction. Installing a back flow prevention device/valve, ensures that water from a property … Read more