Keep it clean – why back flow valves are so important

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Why are back flow valves so important?

In short, back flow valves stop hazardous pollutants from being sucked back into our drinking water supply.

Imagine turning on the tap to get a drink, only to find some medical waste in your glass.  What about some cleaning chemicals from the local carwash, or dyes from the corner hair salon.

Many commercial and industrial properties are required by the Water Boards to have  back flow prevention devices installed, which makes sure our water is safe for drinking, bathing and processing food.  Barwon Water will usually notify you when your valve is due for testing and will send you out a form for the plumber to complete.

Tomlinson Plumbing is licensed to install, test, and maintain back flow prevention valves.  Valves are required to be tested and serviced every 12 months.  Give us a call when yours is due and we'll get it sorted for you.

This is an article from our Back Flow Prevention Device Series

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