Carbon monoxide spillage – how does it occur?

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How does carbon monoxide spillage occur?

Carbon monoxide can be produced in large quantities if your heater does not completely burn the gas it uses.

This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common causes are lack of servicing, installation issues, product faults or a blocked flue.

In most cases, the by-products produced by your gas heater are dispersed to the outside of your home via the flue. But these by-products can build up quickly in living areas if the flue is blocked, if there is not enough ventilation, or exhaust fans in the kitchen or bathroom are used and they draw these gases back into your home.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly.

Having your gas heaters and other fuel burning appliances serviced and safety checked needs to be a priority to keep you and your family safe.

Energy Safe Victoria recommend all types of gas heaters be serviced and safety checked for carbon monoxide at least every two years.

Each Winter we decommission, on average, 8 - 10 heaters that have been emitting carbon monoxide. You just can't have a 'she'll be right' attitude.

Play it safe and have your gas heaters and fuel burning appliances serviced and safety checked regularly.

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