Please be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide

The tragic loss of Vanessa Robinson’s gorgeous children Chase and Tyler in 2010 from carbon monoxide poisoning, due to a faulty gas heater, serves as a stark reminder for us all to follow Energy Safe Victoria guidelines and have our gas heaters serviced and safety checked at least every two years.

As a friend of Vanessa's and a Board Member of The Chase and Tyler Foundation, I'll do everything I possibly can to create awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide cannot be seen or smelt.  It’s a silent killer.  Incorrect installation, faulty or poorly maintained heaters, or changes in ventilation such as renovations or the installation of exhaust fans, can result in carbon monoxide seeping into your home.  Even heaters that seem to be operating well, and as they usually do, can be affected.

Play it safe with gas and have your gas heaters serviced and tested for carbon monoxide at least every two years.  You’ll need a gas fitter that has the Type A Gas Appliance Servicing tick on their licence – they’re the only ones that can legally do the job.

It's Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2020 - please stay safe.


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