How do I choose the right hot water heater?

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How do I know what size or type of hot water heater is best for me?

When a hot water heater dies, it tends to do so suddenly.  To avoid making a hasty decision when you’re under pressure and just want a warm shower again, perhaps consider doing some research when your hot water heater gets to about the 9 or 10 year old mark, so you can check out the alternatives on offer and be ready!

Household size and water usage

A plumber can analyse your home and usage and recommend some options. To determine the right size hot water system for you, answers to the following questions are some of the things considered.

  • how many people live in your home?
  • how much hot water do you use?
  • When do you use it most – mornings or evenings?
  • Do you wash clothes in hot or cold water?


Depending upon your individual circumstances, a plumber will be able to explain your options, which, as an example, may include the following:

Small household (1-2 people):

Continuous flow HWS (gas or electric) or small gas storage HWS.

Medium household (3-4):

Gas systems (continuous flow or storage),

Large household (5+):

Multiple continuous flow HWS may be an option, but gas storage units may be more economical.


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