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Why is my heater starting & stopping?

Gas Heaters | Tomlinson Plumbing | Geelong | Torquay | Ocean Grove | Barwon Heads

Gas heaters – Torquay, Geelong, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads & surrounding areas There are a few reasons why your heater may be constantly starting and stopping. Firstly, how often is constant? Most models of heaters have thermostats, so when the heater reaches the set temperature on the thermostat, it switches itself off because the room…

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21 years of dust! Wall furnace service & safety check

Wall furnace service & safety check | Tomlinson Plumbing | Torquay | Geelong | Ocean Grove | Barwon Heads

21 years of dust was removed from a wall furnace fan today. No wonder it was labouring a little! It’s important to have your heaters serviced & safety checked at least every two years – not only to check for carbon monoxide, but to also help the heater operate as efficiently as possible and avoid…

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Heater fans don’t like fluff, dust & pet hair

Gas Heater Services & Safety Checks | Tomlinson Plumbing | Torquay | Geelong | Ocean Grove | Barwon Heads

Heater fans can get really clogged up with fluff, dust and pet hair, and sometimes that can make the heater shut itself down to prevent over-heating.Make sure you book your gas heaters in for a clean, service & safety check at least every two years. #playitsafewithgas#gasheaterservicesgeelong#gasheaterservicestorquay#gasheaterservicesoceangrove#gasheaterservicesbarwonheads#carbonmonoxidetestinggeelong#carbonmonoxidetestingtorquay#carbonmonoxidetestingoceangrove#carbonmonoxidetestingbarwonheads#masterplumbergeelong#masterplumbertorquay

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