Would you like faeces with that?

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Would you like faeces with that?

OK, sounds terrible, I know.  I’d rather have ‘fries with that’ myself.

But, if you’re a commercial or industrial property, and you don’t have a back flow prevention device/valve installed, this is what you could be sending back into the drinkable water supply, along with many other possible pollutants.

Back flow occur when water flows opposite to its normal or intended direction.  Installing a back flow prevention device ensures that water from a property cannot be drawn back into our main water supply.

Imagine topping up a bucket of liquid fertiliser, for a very basic example.  You stick your hose into the bucket and turn on the water, leaving the hose sit in there for a few minutes until you’re done. You turn the tap off and then remove the hose from the bucket.  The law of gravity sends the water that remains in the hose, along with any of the liquid fertiliser, back down the hose and back into the water supply.   Sure, that little bit of fertiliser would be very diluted in our mains supply, but if many, many properties are doing the same thing, on a larger scale than just a hose in a bucket, it doesn’t take much to work out what it’ll be doing to our water quality.

Feel like a nice fresh glass of water from the tap?  I’ll let you think about it!

There are actually legal requirements in place for certain properties to have back flow prevention devices installed.  Check out if yours is one of them here, or give us a call on 5261 2422 or 9971 6600.