Gas heaters & negative pressure

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It’s Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week: 

~Gas heaters & negative pressure~

Negative pressure can occur when there isn’t enough ventilation in the home and an exhaust fan or rangehood is operating.

The exhaust fan or rangehood draws air from any external opening in the house, including from a gas appliance flue or chimney. This creates a problem with the operation of the heater, and particularly a faulty one, because it means that carbon monoxide can be drawn back into living spaces via the gas appliance flue or chimney.

Stay safe with the following tips:

~Have your gas appliances serviced and safety checked at least every two years by a plumber licensed in Type A Gas Appliance Servicing.

~Don’t operate exhaust fans or rangehoods at the same time as your heater.

~Ensure you have adequate ventilation in your home.

~Don’t leave your gas heater on all night.

~Consider installing a carbon monoxide alarm as a back-up safety measure (alarms should not be considered a substitute for proper maintenance of your appliance).

~Never use outdoor heating appliances indoors

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