What is gas and where does it come from?

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What is Gas?

Gas is a matter that conforms to the shape of a container in which it is held and acquires a uniform density inside the container, even in the presence of gravity, and regardless of the amount of substance in the container. If not confined to a container, gaseous matter, also known as vapor, will disperse into the atmosphere.

Where does it come from?

Deep below the earth’s surface!

Millions of years ago, when plants and sea creatures died and sank to the bottom of the sea, with time, rock formations, and pressure, they turned into something called peat. Then, as the years passed, heat from the center of the earth changed the peat into petroleum and other fossil fuels.

In some places, the trapped gas was released above ground creating unusual spouts of heat and fire. Eventually, scientists realized that deep beneath the ground, there were vast resources of this energy producing gas just waiting to be extracted.

When a company is looking for natural gas, they just look for a certain type of rock formation above ground. Failing that, there are tests that can be done by measuring sound waves and gravitational pulls in a particular area. If the tests are promising, exploratory teams start drilling.

Drilling like this turns up a natural gas resource about half the time. In order to tap into the underground reserve, the drilling team must dig about 2kms down into the ground.


So the next time you turn on your gas stove, use your central heater, or have a nice hot shower, just think of this amazing process that occurred millions of years ago to enable you to use your energy efficient household products today.

And remember, play it safe with gas.  Only use a licensed Gas Fitter.



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