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Heater servicing – Geelong

Like all work around our homes, if done regularly, everything is kept maintained and in good, safe, working order.  It’s the same for your gas heater.

Energy Safe Victoria recommends that all gas heaters should be serviced and tested for carbon monoxide at least every two years.  This needs to be done by a licensed plumber and gas fitter.

Servicing your heater regularly ensures that all of the components are working correctly and the heater is running efficiently – which means energy consumption is kept in check.

The most important aspect of a heater service is the carbon monoxide test.  Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that can be emitted from faulty, damaged or poorly maintained heaters.  You can’t see it, it has no odour and it can be deadly.

Heater repairs – Geelong

Tomlinson Plumbing are licenced plumbers and gas fitters, so we can install, service and repair all types of gas heaters.  If your heater requires adjustment or needs new parts, we can help by doing a full assessment and advising you of the issues.

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