So, why should I choose a Master Plumber?

Master Plumber | Tomlinson Plumbing | Geelong | Torquay | Barwon Heads | Ocean Grove
Master Plumber | Tomlinson Plumbing | Geelong | Torquay | Barwon Heads | Ocean Grove

Why does it matter, isn’t it just a ‘club’ you join?

No, the Master Plumbers Association is not just a club that you join.

The Master Plumbers Association is a trusted source of information and advice, for not only its members, but the industry, the government and the community at large.

At Tomlinson Plumbing, we feel like it’s our very own hub of education, expertise and knowledge – for both our trade and our business.  A portal, if you like, through which we can maintain our industry leader status and uphold our exceptional reputation.

A Master Plumber must abide by a Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics was developed as a means of encouraging the highest standards of business conduct from its members.  If a plumber’s conduct is deemed to be unacceptable, it is possible to be asked to leave the Association.

*Would you prefer to use a plumber who is keen to continually hone their skills and knowledge so they can offer you the very best service and workmanship there is? 

*Would you prefer to use a plumber that is interested in keeping abreast of current plumbing rules and regulations to ensure their client is protected and warranties are upheld?

*Would you prefer to use a plumber who takes an interest in their industry at large so that they can confidently offer up to date advice and share their constantly evolving knowledge?

Well, that’s a Master Plumber.

We think it’s vitally important.

Asking for this particular Master Plumber’s service, guarantees you’ll get a wealth of expertise and sophisticated know-how. That’s how we roll.

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