4 things to make a property manager’s life easier

Schedule your properties for these 4 simple, proactive checks and you’ll be helping to protect your landlord’s investment, you’ll have happy tenants and more time to catch up on all that paperwork!

  1. Annual or bi-annual gutter and downpipe cleans = less likelihood of leaks back into buildings.
    We regularly see damaged and mouldy plaster, rotten timbers and undermined structures –  simply having leaves and debris removed from guttering and flushing downpipes once or twice a year can prevent these issues.
  2. Heater services at least every 2 years = heaters operating efficiently, cost effectively and most importantly, ensures there are no deadly carbon monoxide fumes.
    We have decommissioned no less than 30 heaters over the last few years for carbon monoxide emissions. Most of these heaters appeared to be operating normally. That’s lives potentially saved in each and every one of those properties.
  3. Hot water unit services every 2 years = hot water units and valves operating at optimum levels – and you’ll have no late night calls from tenants screaming that they have no hot water!
  4. Tap and toilet re-washers every 2 years = no squeaks, no leaks and no water hammer!

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